Borough Restaurant

Simple, stylish and sophisticated, the Borough Restaurant sits on a corner site on Henderson Street in trendy Leith.

With a simple colour palette on the exterior and complementary relaxing interior décor, it’s designed to concentrate all attention on the mouthwatering menu.

The concept of using seasonal ingredients with a constantly-changing menu is so refreshing, adapting to the availability of ingredients, with autumnal game (partridge) and succulent berries prominent in their current menu.

The menu is very flexible with a great option for small sharing plates – sika deer, sausage and elderberries, carrot, lovage and wild salad.

Desserts are often where a restaurant menu weakens, but not at the Borough which offers amazing choices such as chocolate brownie, stout ice cream and brambles, plum oats and honey, or blackcurrant granita with lemon curd and thyme.

The staff are very helpful and are all very well informed about the ingredients used in the food. Very relaxed atmosphere with perfect table service.

If you have a passion for good-quality, locally-sourced, fresh ingredients, beautifully-presented then this is a restaurant to visit.

The Borough Restaurant

50-54 Henderson Street, Leith







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