All About Zuchons (Win the Book!)

So, what actually is a Zuchon?

A Zuchon is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu, also called Shichon and a Teddy Bear dog.

They are very popular in the US, and they are growing in popularity over here in the UK, too. Zuchons, as you might expect from the ‘teddy’ label, are very cute and full of mischief. Archie, my two year old Zuchon, is no exception in my humble (and biased) opinion!

For small dogs, Zuchons have a lot of personality. Archie certainly has a lot of spunk. He won’t back away from dogs bigger than he is. He is affectionate and that’s true of the breed in general. Always up for some fun, Zuchons are very sociable. They’re good with other dogs, but they prefer people (Zuchons are good with children too). Archie loves being made a fuss of. Walks can take a while!

Zuchons are definitely companion dogs. They don’t like being on their own and will follow you around. That said, they do have an independent streak and know their own mind. They’re eager to please, curious, and intelligent – Archie was certainly a quick learner as a pup. And whenever I introduce something new to him, he picks it up quickly.

Zuchons are hypoallergenic, which means if you thought you couldn’t have a dog due to having allergies, you might be okay with one of these dogs. They have two layers of hair, which in terms of looking after is high maintenance. Although they don’t shed much their hair matts easily, and so regular brushing is required. Archie’s hair is wavy when it’s longer. It grows quickly and so I get him groomed every six weeks in order to keep on top of the matting.

Zuchons don’t bark excessively. Archie will obviously bark at the postman, but that’s normal. He’s a good guard dog in that sense. He makes a lot of noise when someone rings the doorbell.

In terms of exercise, a daily walk and some playtime, together with some training and puzzle games, makes for a happy Archie.

All About Archie: Bringing Up A Puppy by Helen Edwards  is available on Amazon in eBook and paperback format. Audiobook due Autumn 2018.


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