Santa at Dobbies

Dobbies Garden Centre welcomes Edinburgh families to their Santa’s Grotto experience.

There is a rule in our house, created by my eldest son, which states that you absolutely, positively must respect Halloween, and not have any dalliance with Christmas decorations or Christmas activities until Halloween has been properly observed.

Thankfully the opportunity to visit Santa’s Grotto and to meet Santa was deemed to be at a seasonally appropriate time
and date.

From the moment we arrived at Dobbies we were immersed in Christmas cheer. Baubles, Christmas trees, lights and festive treats abounded and the whole family was swept along in the festive fun.

Then we stepped out of the bustle of the Garden Centre and into Santa’s Grotto – I had expected we would go straight to Santa, but instead they really built up the magic by leading us down a little path, along the way, with our elf’s help the kids were given little activities, like helping Santa with parcels fallen from Santa’s sleigh and making their own

And then it was time for the main event – Santa took the time to chat with both children, and the earwigging adults got an insight into the presents the children have at the top of their lists. The pace of the whole visit was great and both children loved their visit with Santa.

My kids are nine and seven, although they are an age where scepticism about Santa sometimes starts to kick in, I think our visit has sprinkled a little more of the Santa magic on their heads – and who doesn’t need a little of that at this time of year.

Santa’s Grotto begins 24 November, from £11.99 per child

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