Fauldhouse to Levenseat

Walking from Fauldhouse to Levenseat and back, some of the earlier industrial development in West Lothian seems to us now, unbelievably tasteless and destructive. But it was seldom on a huge scale and towns and villages stayed fairly compact, so that people did not lose touch with open country. Again, as mining and heavy industry have died out, the scars disappear, to leave behind areas of country that are often enhanced by recent industrial history.

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Walk – Blackridge and the Watershed

It is hard to appreciate the significance of the narrow waist of Scotland between Forth and Clyde – less than 25 miles – in times before modern road and rail transport. Consider also complications caused by even quite small watercourses in soft ground and you begin to see what an undertaking any travel was in former times. Read the rest of this entry »


Walk – Calderwood To Almondell, Mid Calder

I enjoy a walk round Calderwood mainly because it feels so remote from the surrounding industry of Central Scotland. Most of what I am about to describe lies within half a kilometre – not much over ¼ mile – from housing and busy roads. Read the rest of this entry »