A Nursery of the Talents – Edinburgh Writers’ Club

Edinburgh Writers’ Club has nurtured fledgling writing talent for more than sixty years. Some of that talent, Audrey Reimann, Millie Gray, the Mulgray twins, Lari Don and Norman Bissett, for example, have gone on to become distinguished published writers. Some members, such as Margaret McKinlay, Sheila Aird, Margaret McArthur, Joyce Holms and Harriet Smart were already well-published before they joined. Continue reading A Nursery of the Talents – Edinburgh Writers’ Club

Rocking Horse Wars – Lari Don

“I got the idea when my girls asked for a story about horses (just a quick makey up story before tea!), and as I didn’t want to tell them a story about pony trekking or flying horses I was wondering what else I could do with horses, when that picture of a moving, gleaming, varnished horse by a pool in a wood came into my mind. I knew I was seeing the picture through the eyes of someone who was searching for missing children, and I also knew I wanted to write about her. So I wondered – is that wooden horse friendly, or not? And unfriendly is always more fun, so that is how the story started!”

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The Author Who Was Inspired by Bottoms

Findhorn beach has proved inspirational for many people and recently for author Lari Don and her children  as they made shapes in the sand — footprints, handprints and finally bottom prints. The shape of a bottom print seemed to Lari such an inherently funny idea that she rushed to her ever-present notebook to sketch the bottom shapes that she and her daughters had made. As soon as she got home she wrote the story which would be become her latest book: The Big Bottom Hunt.
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