The Sign of the Black Dagger

Joan Lingard leapt into my field of vision with her  Kevin and Sadie series about life and love across the barricades in Northern Ireland. From that, you can tell that she has been writing award winning books for children for many years now, following the publication of her first adult novel in 1963. Many of her books are inspired by her own experiences, or those of family members. Born in Edinburgh and now living in Edinburgh after growing up in Belfast, she has set The Sign of the Black Dagger in the Royal Mile. The story alternates between the present day and 1796, as we find four children living with the consequences of their fathers’s debts.

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A Nursery of the Talents – Edinburgh Writers’ Club

Edinburgh Writers’ Club has nurtured fledgling writing talent for more than sixty years. Some of that talent, Audrey Reimann, Millie Gray, the Mulgray twins, Lari Don and Norman Bissett, for example, have gone on to become distinguished published writers. Some members, such as Margaret McKinlay, Sheila Aird, Margaret McArthur, Joyce Holms and Harriet Smart were already well-published before they joined. Read the rest of this entry »