Celebrating Local Greenspace at the Hermitage of Braid

Local greenspaces – nature reserves, parks, allotments, or play areas – are the green lungs for our towns and cities, and vitally important to all of us. Providing natural habitats for wildlife to flourish, space for our minds to be free from the stresses of daily life, and pleasant places to play, jog or walk the dog, these precious places make our neighbourhoods great places to live in. Scotland’s towns and cities are well-endowed with greenspaces, and Edinburgh is particularly blessed. At this time of the year when spring and winter are battling for domination, the places on your doorstep are particularly valuable, and it’s great to be able to get out for a good walk without going too far afield.

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A walk for all seasons through Roslin Glen

Seven miles outside Edinburgh, the Midlothian village of Roslin offers a range of attractions, both natural and cultural. The 15th century Rosslyn Chapel is the best known of these, of course, with its outstanding, ornate stone carvings and Hollywood connection. It’s well worth a visit or two; and yet the reason I return again and again to Roslin is due more to the fabulously dramatic walk through Roslin Glen.

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Ramblers Routes Launched

The Ramblers launches Ramblers Routes; a collection of Britain’s best walks from the experts. These Routes offer an exciting new online library of high-quality walking routes across Scotland, from Salisbury Crags in Edinburgh to Sandwood Bay in the far North West, to entice the adventurous spirit into the outdoors.

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Rock climbing adventures on the Union Canal

Walking along canals has its own charms, but this usually means a pretty flat day out.  However, this route takes you from Heriot Watt University to the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena at Ratho (5 miles) where you can watch amazing climbing stunts from the pleasant café – and even have a go yourself if you want.

From the Borders to Cape Wrath via the Water of Leith

In October, the Gore-tex Scottish National Trail was launched by the First Minister at an event at the Water of Leith visitor centre in Edinburgh.  This 470-mile trail runs from Kirk Yetholm in the Borders to Cape Wrath in the far north-west, making use of existing paths and hilltracks and threading them all together to give a trail which enables walkers to travel from one end of Scotland to the other.

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