Cryptomeria – for autumn colour in the middle of winter!

At this time of year the rich autumn colours are spectacular, if short-lived. When thinking of plants which exhibit great autumn colour, one automatically thinks of deciduous trees and shrubs which turn lovely shades of gold, copper and scarlet in the months of September and October. However, come November the leaves are gone and all that is left are the bare branches. For something with a longer period of interest it is well worth considering some of the Cryptomeria (Japanese cedar) cultivars.

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Pick a Plant – Hydrangea

One of the most frequent groups of plants we are asked about is the Hydrangea family. The main ones grown and sold in this country are the Hortensias (the familiar mop-headed hydrangeas) and the Lacecaps which are a smaller group, producing flatter, large heads of fertile flowers around which are borne a ring of coloured ray florets.

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Shrub Roses

Many old roses, sold as Old, English, Shrub or Moss roses are true old roses of early European origin. Their exquisite scent, abundance of flowers and long flowering season are almost unrivalled in the plant world.

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