Double Trouble with the Mulgray Twins

The Mulgray twins, born in Joppa, are the only identical twins in the world to have written a novel together in the English language. Their debut crime novel NO SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, featuring DJ Smith and her sleuth sniffer cat Gorgonzola, took only a year to be translated into German and Japanese and made into a BBC audio book. Just before the launch of the second novel in the series I spoke to Helen and Morna to find out whether living at Edinburgh’s seaside had inspired the gripping scenes of pursuit and evasion that got them published.

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David McLetchie MSP – A Man at Ease With Himself

David McLetchie, MSP, former Conservative Leader in the Scottish Parliament is, these days, a man entirely at ease with himself. He has overcome with grace and humility a concerted media campaign over alleged expenses difficulties and emerged as a political thinker who still believes he can make a difference. Continue reading David McLetchie MSP – A Man at Ease With Himself

An Interview with Gillian Galbraith

Right, readers, pay attention. Rebus has retired from St Leonard’s Police Station, and all the new staff have arrived. There’s DCI Bell, Alistair Watt, and graduate trainee DS Alice Rice. They, like their predecessors, are kept busy on the mean streets of Edinburgh solving the huge crime wave of murders that from time to time break out in the Capital. This time, however, Ian Rankin is not guilty. Alice Rice and her colleagues are the new boys in blue penned by Gillian Galbraith, originally from near Gladsmuir in East Lothian, who comes to novel-writing after a career as an Advocate, specialising in medical negligence cases. Continue reading An Interview with Gillian Galbraith

Robin Harper MSP – Still Young at Heart

Beneath Robin Harper’s charmingly eccentric and boyish manner is a man driven by his vision of a world in which concern for the environment is paramount. As the UK’s first elected Green Member of Parliament he has been a man on a mission for some 35 years.

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It’s a Small, but Perfectly Formed World

“There are a number of similarities between the work of a professional musician and that of a miniaturist,” claims David Edwards. As a cellist turned craftsman, whose 1/12th scale dollshouse furniture and accessories are in demand all over the world, David is a perfect example and the concentration and stamina which which could once see him through a 5 hour opera, now stands him in good stead for the intensity of making perfect replicas of combs, cotton reels and kitchen implements.

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Breath of Fresh Air From Oz

When he was a little boy, Jonathan Mills, who is masterminding his first Edinburgh International Festival this year, knew that he was musical, but he had no aspirations to direct the world’s most famous Festival of music, theatre and dance. Even now he says “I am not a professional Festival Director,” but this only serves to underline his innate modesty. When he was appointed to the post in 2006 to follow the towering reputation of Sir Brian McMaster there were those who thought that his lack of ‘track record’ would be a drawback. They are going to be proved wrong.

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