Michael Shea – ‘A Man ‘o Pairts’

The drawing room in the Ramsay Gardens flat where Michael Shea works, has a collection of splendid murals which were executed by his godfather John Duncan. It is very elegant indeed and Michael’s distinguished career as an academic, a diplomat, a writer of over twenty published books and for 10 years as Press Secretary to Her Majesty The Queen would entitle him to the description ‘grand’. However he vigorously denies any such thing.
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The Fastest Way to Slow Down

A cruise along a canal is, according to Seagull Trust Chairman Ronnie Rusack, the fastest way to slow down. A soothing trip along the Union and Forth and Clyde Canals is the perfect way to unwind, de-stress, relax and generally enjoy yourself. Such a pleasant experience is especially therapeutic for people with emotional problems, the disabled or terminally ill, but often these people have enough to cope with and never find out about the Seagull Trust.
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Steven Osborne – A Festival Favourite

The rapturous applause that greeted Steven Osborne’s appearance at the first of the Edinburgh Festival’s Bank of Scotland Queen’s Hall concerts this year was as sincere as it comes. Not only is Steven making a name for himself in the rarified world of classical music, he is a local lad and a perennial favourite at the Festival. Continue reading Steven Osborne – A Festival Favourite

A Garden Fit for A Queen Mother

Horticulturists live with and (usually) love change and the latest change at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) sees the successful completion of a two-year £525,000 collaboration between The Queen Mother’s Memorial Fund for Scotland and RBGE, in association with architect Lachlan Stewart. The Queen Mother’s Memorial Garden is an evocative tribute featuring a Celtic labyrinth surrounded by four gardens containing plant species from the four corners of the world. Continue reading A Garden Fit for A Queen Mother