A Sculptor’s Eye View

How often have you stopped, on entering the Queen’s Gallery at the foot of the Royal Mile, to admire the magnificent unicorned bronze hinges and figurative door handles, and wondered why and where they came from?

“I have always believed in the power and importance of figurative art; it has been a necessity throughout the history of mankind. I believe that people relate to this with enormous pleasure. In turn it gives me great pleasure working with and for the public.” So says sculptor Jill Watson, whose work, along with the heraldic lion above the door, they are.

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The Fastest Way to Slow Down

A cruise along a canal is, according to Seagull Trust Chairman Ronnie Rusack, the fastest way to slow down. A soothing trip along the Union and Forth and Clyde Canals is the perfect way to unwind, de-stress, relax and generally enjoy yourself. Such a pleasant experience is especially therapeutic for people with emotional problems, the disabled or terminally ill, but often these people have enough to cope with and never find out about the Seagull Trust.
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Feeling the Benefit

One year, 6 months and 5 days in the life of a cyclist…. It was that long ago that I started my new job, and it made the decision for me that I was going to ride to work.
There wasn’t anything special about the job that made me decide to do this, and it wasn’t really a leap of faith, as I rode a bit already and was in the process of building up my dream mountain bike – but there was something different about this – it was a decision to ride every single day, no matter what the weather. And, save for a few months recovering from two separate broken arms, (not incurred on the commute cycle I may add) I’ve managed it.
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