Persian Silk Tree – Pick a Plant

The Persian silk tree (Albizia Julibrissin ‘Summer Chocolate’) is a very exotic recent addition to the European flora. The Latin name is Albizia and it originated from Southern Asia. It is known as the sleeping tree in some countries because the feathery leaves gradually close at night and hang downwards as if the tree were asleep. The silk tree seems to stay asleep for some time in spring, too, as it does not develop new shoots until most other trees and bushes in the garden have come to life.
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Delightful Dahlias

Dahlias, a native of South America must surely be the most pleasing of all summer flowers. Dahlia flowers give a wealth of colour for a very long time, choose your favourites and give your garden a great colourful facelift, enticing bees and butterflies to your garden. If you keep them frost free in winter they will bring you pleasure for years.

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