Summer Fruits

Summer may be something of a hit and miss experience in Scotland, but summer fruits are never in short supply.  Here, Rebecca Hornsby and Anne Rowell extol the joys of peaches and apricots.  Both stone fruits, they are very similar in the way they grow and flower and offer at least a taste of the sun…

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Pick a Plant – Tulips

The tulip is native to Persia and Turkey where the Lali, as the tulip is called in Turkish, grows naturally. In the 16th-century, Constantinople, the present Istanbul, was a centre of trade, traffic, culture and political intrigue and the amazing city gardens were held in great admiration. It is from these gardens that the tulip became known throughout the world.

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Lavenders Blue – and Pink and Purple, Dilly Dilly

Lavender is a compact, bushy, semi-shrub with linear, grey-green leaves. In mid and late summer, long unbranched stalks produce fragrant, blue-purple flowers. First introduced in mid-sixteenth century, it is highly esteemed for its fragrance in a dried state.

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