Autumn Health

As the season changes from Summer to Autumn, the shortening days can tend to make us feel a bit less chirpy. Symptoms which begin to increase around this time of year range from the depression associated with SAD to general low energy, fatigue and lethargy. In this month’s column, practitioners from Napiers the Herbalists give some advice on how to make this seasonal transition a healthy one.
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Stop Smoking

Breaking addictions is never easy but with the right mind set and the right tools it can be done. We all know how bad smoking is for our health,  ‘Smoking Kills’ is the phrase blazened across packets of cigarettes and there is a lot of information out there about the damage it does to our lungs and the cancer risks, to say nothing of the changes to our skin and facial expressions from smoking. In this month’s column, three practitioners from Napiers the Herbalists look at how to get to grips with quitting the deadly weed.

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Summer Holiday Special

Our bodies can really come under attack in the summer. Hot weather; a variety of sun creams and sun blocks; unusual food and drink as well asdehydration, all add up to the type of onslaught that we’re just not used to. This month, Dee Atkinson from Napiers the Herbalists gives some timely advice on keeping healthy in the summer months.

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It might seem somewhat strange, but sales of sleep products are always higher in the summer months than the winter. With the clocks moving forward at the end of March and the resulting lighter evenings and mornings, many people will be struggling with sleep. In this month’s regular column, three practitioners from Napiers the Herbalists give some advice on how to get the sleep you need.

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Getting Under Your Skin

As we emerge, blinking, out of winter and into spring one of the first things we tend to notice is how out of condition our skin has become during the dark months. It is easy to forget that the skin is the largest organ in the body, and not only is it the largest but it is the only organ that we can see easily and on a daily basis! Our skin is as good an outward reflection of our inner health and well being as it’s possible to have.  In this month’s regular column from Napiers the Herbalists, three practitioners take a look at ways to help get your glow back.
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Improving Your Fertility with Natural Health

Whether you are just starting to think about having a family, have been trying for a while or are about to embark on a cycle of IVF, taking a natural approach to your fertility, for both men and women, can help on the road to conception. In this month’s column, three practitioners from The Natural Fertility Centre based at Napiers the Herbalists in Edinburgh and Glasgow, share their expertise.

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