An Obituary for Cancun

2010 may be remembered as the year that the climate change campaign movement, at least in its current form, officially gave up and died. The mortal injuries were inflicted at Copenhagen in December 2009, and since then it has been slowly dragging its decaying corpse towards the open grave at Cancun, where it will finally be interred next month.

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How Was It For You?

You always remember your first time. Mine was at a Shell petrol station in Reading in the spring of 1998. It all seemed so new to a 19 year old first year undergrad, but people have been doing it for thousands of years. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but I knew the risks and I knew I was ready, and I felt both empowered and a strange sense of coming of age.

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Too Good to Escape the Bonfire?

Was the Sustainable Development Commission too good to escape the bonfire?

The next time David Cameron proclaims that the coalition is “the greenest Government ever” ask yourself this question. Why would “the greenest Government ever” scrap an organisation that promoted sustainable development and saved the previous administration £60-70million a year, at a cost of a mere £3 million a year?

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Hull might win Crap Towns, but Edinburgh could win Crap Developments

I’ve never been to Hull, but I do pity it. Whenever the latest  list of crap towns is compiled Hull is usually in there somewhere, and it even won in 2003. Described by The Idler as “a sad story of unemployment, teenage pregnancy, heroin addiction, crime, violence, and rampant self-neglect”, it’s hardly the sort of place you’d want to visit on a recommendation like that.

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Will Feed In Tariffs Leave You Hungry?

As of April, the UK has finally introduced feed in tariffs (FiTs) for small-scale renewable energy systems. The use of these tariffs to grow the market for microgeneration systems is commonly associated with their successes in Germany and Spain, but even Iran beat the UK to it by implementing its own version in 2009. So how quickly is the UK Government catching up, and how effective will the new tariffs be?

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