Golden Years For Rambling

These days it can sometimes seem like there’s a new report highlighting the benefits of going for a walk which is published almost on a weekly basis!  We now have a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating that walking isn’t just good for keeping you physically fit, it’s also hugely beneficial for mental health as well.  Continue reading Golden Years For Rambling

Walking the Bridge

The Victorians certainly knew how to build a bridge! The fabulous red steel zig zags of the Forth rail bridge glowing in the afternoon sunshine never cease to take the breath away. The views from the road bridge or the train are fantastic, but with this walk you can take your time to stop and gaze over the bridge in its estuary setting and form your own conclusions about the third crossing.

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Autumn Colours in the Pentland Woods

Sunday was an exceptionally clear, bright autumn day and the Pentland Hills beckoned. We packed a picnic and took off to catch a bus on Princes Street with plans to enjoy a bracing walk along the hill tops. However, it soon became clear that while the clarity of the air was exceptional, the westerly wind was extremely strong, and a high level walk began to look less appealing.

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A Walk in the Leith Sunshine

As the film ‘Sunshine on Leith’ has opened in cinemas this month, it seemed like a good idea to head down to Edinburgh’s port for a walk. If you haven’t been to Leith for a while you’re in for a surprise; there have been plenty of changes over the past decade.

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