Fizz for Summer

Champagne and sparkling wine is for all seasons, not just for Christmas or New Year celebration

The world of wine is vast and offers its lovers unrivalled enjoyment. Of all the great wines, good old bubbly is undoubtedly the most celebrated. With champagne consumption at its all-time high in the UK, Dom Perignon, Bolinger, Krug, Louis Roederer, Laurent Perrier, Charles Heidsieck, Philipponnant and Moet & Chandon – just to name a few – do touch a cord not only with the connoisseurs and cognoscenti, but also with the occasional champagne drinker.

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Wines from the Rainbow Nation

In 1652 the Dutch East India Company set up a refreshment station and repair depot at the Cape of Good Hope for their merchant ships journeying between Europe, India and the Far East. Three years later, the first vineyard was planted and on 2nd February 1659 the first wine was pressed from Cape grapes. Now you can enjoy 350 years of South African wine making history at our Africa in Motion wine tasting.

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Discover Spain

Spain is one of the most visited countries in Europe by British holiday makers. According to statistics, 17 million Brits visit Spain every year, and another million or so are permanent residents. Spain, of course, is blessed with great weather all year round, has a varied gastronomy and is also a wine producing country, classed as part of the old world wine region. Continue reading Discover Spain

Not Red, Not White: Rose Anyone?

Summer is the season of outdoor activities and celebrations. Weddings, graduation ceremonies, barbeques and garden parties, to name but a few, can all be livened up by a well-chosen bubbly or lighter and fresher wines. Fruity dry white wines from the new world are a safe choice Рbut the more daring would certainly give ros̩ a chance. Continue reading Not Red, Not White: Rose Anyone?