Look behind the Label and Experiment

Sometimes it is difficult to tell what a wine will taste like from the label. Fashion and media can create a demand for a certain drink, for example, the Sex and The City ‘ladies’ made Pinot Grigio the drink for the girls and consumption went through the roof. This grape variety is easy to pronounce with a twang to it and people felt comfortable asking for it in restaurants and bars.

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Try Something Different for 2011

It is that life improvement time of year again with everyone making plans and changes (mainly plans) to lose those pounds, that nicotine or, please no, that alcohol. The pounds and the nicotine I could let pass but why, if you are a moderate drinker not simply try something new, and possibly a bit less of it.

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Autumn Wines

Autumn seems to have curled its colourful leaves around us which have landed on the ground as if by magic. Certainly I seemed to have missed the transition from summer. Wines also have seasons and they also have a way of subtly showing their colours without you noticing.  When I say wines have a season, of course there is a season in wine production but all are available all year round.  There is however an emotional side to seasonal wines and we have our favourites almost subconsciously depending on the time of year.

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