Robin Harper MSP – Still Young at Heart

Beneath Robin Harper’s charmingly eccentric and boyish manner is a man driven by his vision of a world in which concern for the environment is paramount. As the UK’s first elected Green Member of Parliament he has been a man on a mission for some 35 years.

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Breath of Fresh Air From Oz

When he was a little boy, Jonathan Mills, who is masterminding his first Edinburgh International Festival this year, knew that he was musical, but he had no aspirations to direct the world’s most famous Festival of music, theatre and dance. Even now he says “I am not a professional Festival Director,” but this only serves to underline his innate modesty. When he was appointed to the post in 2006 to follow the towering reputation of Sir Brian McMaster there were those who thought that his lack of ‘track record’ would be a drawback. They are going to be proved wrong.

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Oysters and a Pearl of a Club

If you mention oysters to most people the reaction is either “yummy” or “yeuch” with little, or nothing, in between. The original Oyster Club was founded by James Hutton, often said to be the father of the science of geology and among the first to theorise about the antiquity of our planet. He, Joseph Black a chemistry scientist and the famous economist and author Adam Smith established the Oyster Club as a weekly meeting for Edinburgh intellectuals as well as visiting thinkers like James Watt and Benjamin Franklin.

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Michael Shea – ‘A Man ‘o Pairts’

The drawing room in the Ramsay Gardens flat where Michael Shea works, has a collection of splendid murals which were executed by his godfather John Duncan. It is very elegant indeed and Michael’s distinguished career as an academic, a diplomat, a writer of over twenty published books and for 10 years as Press Secretary to Her Majesty The Queen would entitle him to the description ‘grand’. However he vigorously denies any such thing.
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Good Weekend for Romance in Edinburgh

Often considered by those who know no better to be the “Cinderella” of writing, namely Romantic Fiction, the genre enjoyed a boost in its standing at events in Edinburgh over the weekend. Continue reading Good Weekend for Romance in Edinburgh