Biking on a Budget

Cycling can, I have to admit, become something of an expensive habit. Especially when there are multiple bikes to keep in tip-top condition, as well as there being the ever-present desire to upgrade and improve. There is generally a sharp intake of breath if I mention that there’s a bike in my garage which crests 4 figures in value, and this is by no means ‘expensive’ compared to the truly top of the range stuff. But conversely it can be remarkably cheap to get into cycling (even if, when the obsession takes over, that will become a distant memory). So just how do you get the bike for you at the right price?
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Seven Hills of Edinburgh – by Bike

When one is setting out on a strenuous day’s mountaineering it’s important to set up a secure basecampe at the foot of any summits, and thankfully, a mere 15 minutes out of the door at home, some of those delightful stands from Sheffield (bike racks) have been placed at Dunsapie Loch on the slopes of Arthur’s Seat.

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Those magnificent men in their… riding… machines…

I don’t often need an excuse to go for a longer ride at the weekend, hitting the Lothian countryside for a longer wander than the daily commute allows. But every now and then an event comes up which gives a purpose to the Saturday randonnée, and such an indulgence is served up by the Museum of Flight at East Fortune with their annual Airshow.

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42×12: The Cult of Fixed

There is no trendier movement at the moment in cycling than the Fixi, or Fixed Wheel Bicycle. This is taking cycling way, way back to the days before gears and freewheels; taking the lack of an ability to coast away from the track; making that single rear wheel sprocket a more common sight than only on messengers’ rides. Some say it’s ‘pure’; others that it improves your riding style; others still that it leads to a sort of zen-connectivity with the bike. The only thing for sure is that while fixed wheel riding has never gone away the last few years have seen a huge boom.

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Tour de Edinburgh

As the world of cycling set out on a little trip around France in pursuit of a yellow jersey, another cycling event had one pocket of the Scottish cycling set entertained for an evening. The Edinburgh Nocturne came to the cobbled streets of the Grassmarket for the second year, as part of a series of races also staged in London and Brighton.

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