The Mellow Patch Company

“Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing tired, dull skin that lacks its youthful glow? Do you wish for a simple and effective solution to rejuvenate your appearance and feel more confident every day?”

If you’re responding to that with a heartfelt nod, well, me too. Who doesn’t want to bounce up in the morning like a model from a TV, glowing and full of energy, ready to tackle the day with zest. Instead, I crawl out from under the covers, check the weather forecast to see exactly how muddy and wet the dog will get as we trudge the local graveyard, then put the coffee maker on.

We all know there’s no magical solution – but we live in hope. And when I was sent some products from Mellow Patch, the packaging alone – yes, I admit it (again), I do judge a book by its cover – was enough to make me want to try the Rejuvenate Patch and Rejuvenating Facial Serum. I was fairly sure neither would change my life, but they might offer a little boost.  

Creators of Mellow Patch, Katie and Julianna say, ‘We are here to provide you with natural solutions that promote calm, tranquillity, and overall well-being. Our heartfelt approach, rooted in our own experiences and professional backgrounds, ensures that we create products that truly make a difference.’

If there’s one thing I need it’s a bit of calm, and I wouldn’t mind some anti-ageing, so I slapped  a patch on the inside of my arm and smeared my face with the serum.

You might gather that I’m not one naturally drawn to a specific skincare routine. In fact I’ve used one high-end ‘face mask’ as a moisturiser happily for years, until I learned it was actually discontinued. Serendipity; step in the Mellow Patch version. And you know what, the facial serum certainly works.

I’m not particularly wrinkly but I’ve lines at my mouth and they call an uneven skin tone on my cheeks. The Rejuvenation serum certainly improves my complexion and I’m not sure about radiant or glowing, but I think I look more awake and with fresher skin. At this point, I should have before and after pictures but to be honest, I’m not sure my ancient camera and selfie skills would be a selling point, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

The patches, I’m still using, but they’re certainly doing no harm and the act of placing them makes me feel I’m doing something to boost my well-being.

And they are a lovely product. You use the facial serum morning and night and one patch lasts 24 hours. In terms of science, they contain collagen and hyaluronic acid, which even I know are good for ‘mature’ skin, and an impressive sounding array of natural anti-oxidants: pomegranate and blackberry, green tea and ginseng.

Will I keep using them? Yes, actually, I will. That doesn’t sound like an effusive review, but it really is the highest praise I have!

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