Geza & The 4 DeViLs

No, I didn’t get the title wrong. Violinist Geza Hossku-Legocky appeared at the Hub last night with only 4 of his devils in attendance.

The pianist had been spirited away, which meant a slight adjustment to the programme and a very versatile performance from one of the devils – Renauld Robert T. Crols – who had literally to leap from violin to piano and back again in several of the pieces.

Geza himself was a child prodigy recognised as such from the age of six, with a glittering global career from the age of ten. In a far ranging repertoire from traditional gypsy music, folk music, Bach and Tchaikovsky, speed was of the essence, breathtaking speed which at times seemed to hover just short of the sound barrier. Geza interpreted the music with astonishing verve and vivacity.

The audience was enthralled. But also enthralling was Mykhaylo Zakhariya on the cymbalom, a dulcimer type instrument giving the distinctive dulcet tone much used in Roma music. His solo nearly brought the house down.

The Hub has been refurbished and relaunched as an easy listening space, a home from home with comfy sofas and chairs and a handy bar in the corner. It’s pleasant and relaxed. There’s even a bookable shuttle bus up Johnston Terrace for those not able to face the hill and cut off from transport by the ever sprawling Tattoo crowds.

There’s a full and interesting programme of music and conversation, varied enough to suit most tastes, making the Hub a must-go venue for this year. If every event is as good as Geza ….bliss.


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