Flickering Seasons

A woman’s journey as she navigates life: strength, hope and triumph.

A drama with music from Wild Rose Productions, St Johns Church DRT Room.

Flickering Seasons is a snapshot of Glaswegian Kathy’s life. A powerful story of love and hate, hope and despair, triumph and adversity – and highlights the sheer resilience not just of Kathy, but of women everywhere.

On stage, Mary Goonan (the only professional actor in the performance) and writer/narrator, Flic McCann, work together seamlessly to bring Kathy’s story to life. McCann tells her tale while Goonan morphs between naïve teenager, unexpected wife, proud mother, frightened five year old…Kathy is a victim all her life – until she’s not. One hell of a tough journey.

Guitarist and singer, Gracie Alison Nellis, punctuates the performance perfectly, with an original and haunting refrain, drawing on the theme of flickering seasons.

As well as sheer talent, there’s a deep sincerity within this performance. It’s clear that the cast and production team have worked as a true ensemble to produce an entertaining and thought-provoking play. It’s gently told, with humour and tears, but without judgement. Despite what you might think from the shocking recitation of domestic abuse figures that opens the play, it’s the love, hope and triumph that shines through.

Wild Rose Productions comprises a group of eight women: Laura Katrina, Josephine, Janette and Doreen, in addition to Flic McCann, Gracie Alison Nellis and supporter Eilidh. They’ve met monthly since September 2015 to ‘lift each other up’, discussing topics close to their hearts – with a wee bit of poetry, song and dance, thrown in. Flickering Seasons is their first Fringe Production.


11 thoughts on “Flickering Seasons”

  1. The small intimate venue at St.John’s church was an ideal setting for this most sincere and heartfelt piece of theatre.

    The acting,music and narration by the writer complimented each other perfectly. Woven skillfully together they produced a most powerful and emotionally engaging performance.

    Although the subject matter, dealing as it does with violence towards women, is difficult and distressing, what actually emerges most powerfully is the indomitable spirit of the central character, Kathy, and eventually her determination not to be a victim.

    What I have taken away from Flickering Seasons is that, with love, hope and a profound joy in living,even the most destructive patterns of abuse can be broken.

    Many congratulations to the Wild Roses and I look forward to their next production.

  2. A truly wonderful play. Terrific writing & acting, and an utterly compelling story. A must see and it deserves a life beyond the fringe.

  3. The strength of a woman is a beautiful and awe-inspiring thing… if they survive the violence enacted upon them. Some don’t. Kathy did. This performance invites everyone in to witness Kathy’s life story, told through the context of her making sense of her own early years experiences of violence, which condition her to repeating patterns in her life, from which she eventually breaks free! Beautifully told by an amazing cast of talented women. There was a lot of love in the room, and powerful message to be heard. Congratulations to all the Wild Roses!

  4. This was an amazing production, my friends and I loved it. The small intimate venue was perfect for this powerful drama which felt real and incredibly raw emotionaly. The three cast members contributions, narrator, actor and singer, complimented each other perfectly and the storyline drew you in.
    It was in many ways an emotionally exhausting watch but with a hopeful ending. Simply fab!

  5. I saw this play a couple of weeks ago and it was a thought provoking performance covering love, happiness, brutality and betrayal, which brought tears to my eyes, but the play also portrayed the inner strength of women and how you can reassess your life, learn and move on to a better place. Absolutely brilliant performances by all

  6. A moving insight in the troubled life of this interesting woman. Overall a captivating performance, which will be memorable for a long time to come.

  7. Great performances. I agree with the other writers. The play was beautifully executed. Mary jumped easily from child to adult.

  8. Moving chronologically through her life, Mary Goonan playing Kathy, recounts the times as an emotionally and physically abused child to a battered white “ Muslim” wife in Pakistan, where she realises that her husband only married her to have a British visa. Her stories then gaining strength on the back of how she was treated throughout life, by people- her father firstly and then men in general. By the middle of her set, the stage became a therapy room, addressing the series of events that saw her living in a women’s hostel, having fled her third and last disastrous relationship. Her recount of the series of abusive encounters with men and the subsequent journey through alcoholism – leaving Kathy alone, moves the audience close to tears. Mary Goonan who played Kathy was drawing warm applause towards the end celebrating Kathy for all that she has overcome and from the indomitable spirit she appeared to maintain in life.
    A warm and gritty emotional rollercoaster .. this story is beautifully portrayed by the cast of Wild Rose Productions.

  9. This was a really powerful play which brought both tears and laughter. The story was heartbreaking but “Kathy’s” struggle through life in the end proved her to be a strong, courageous woman, supported by friends and family. The cast were all amazing, particularly the leading actress and the music was expertly interwoven as the story played out. A real triumph as a play, considering it was the first production at the Edinburgh Fringe. Many congratulations to Wild Rose productions.

  10. I was fortunate to be signposted to this play, it was beautifully executed by all involved. It presented complicated and emotional issues, often hidden behind closed doors. However, these brave ladies delivered this difficult story with the lightest touch and the music echoed the sentiments perfectly. A simple production with a powerful message.
    Well done to all involved ????

  11. I have been privelaged enough to watch this play and the cast grow over the years to this amazing production! It shines a light on the horrors and the reality of domestic abuse.This is a hard hitting show peppered with honesty,humility and humour.Most of all this production leaves you feeling empowered to keep on fighting and will offer hope to anyone who needs some light shon upon them,absolutely stunning and powerful play! X

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