Diana: The Untold and Untrue Story [Pleasance King Dome]

The ‘Princess of Hearts’ makes an exclusive appearance at the Pleasance to set the record straight in an hour of drag, video, puppetry and audience participation.

Linus Karp had previously brought a one-man show about the Cats film and judging by the sold out audience, his latest show is just as successful.

Naturally Karp takes liberties with the truth, but it’s all done with a cheeky wink and a big dose of surreal humour. Charles becomes a clueless cardboard cutout, Camilla a raging demonic ragdoll hurled around the stage by Linus’s partner Joseph, and the Queen an Olivia Colman lookalike overly keen on decapitating disobedient staff.

The audience play their part too, being handed character cards and props; it all adds to the chaos, especially as Linus has microphone issues – still, it barely matters when someone is crawling on stage wearing a corgi mask and Diana is running up the aisles as everyone takes pictures on smartphones as impromptu paparazzi.

The focus is on Diana’s humanitarian work, particularly with gay men during the AIDS crisis which struck a chord with so many of the LGBTQ community. Linus mimics every mannerism and fashion era well, and Diana even gets her own theme tune. At times it possibly becomes too niche – the Dutch women in my row were confused by the Captain Tom and Come Dine With Me references – but the overarching themes of compassion and queer rights certainly land.

Lady Di is touring the UK in the autumn including a Glasgow date at Oran Mor on 1st November, and I recommend making time for this royal engagement.


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