Beano Editors Make Mega-Mischief

With a title like that who could resist going along to hear Craig Graham and Mike Stirling talk about their  jobs (jobs? – more like malarkey!) as editors of the Beano comic.

The Beano is a venerable institution that turned 85 two weeks ago. 85 years of Biffo the Bear, Minnie the Minx and the rest of the assorted hooligans who make up the inhabitants of Beanotown, a typical everywhere area where the locals shop at Widl.

That the humour can be scatalogical is an understatement.  As Mike told the packed audience – 5 to 85 – if you can draw a poo you have the basis to draw anything. This pitch perfect presentation had the youngsters enthralled. All issued with a drawing pad and a pencil they took part in a high powered brainstorming session to decide what best animal should jump out of Beano’s birthday cake. A Pegasus was among the suggestions. What job should it do?  Palaeontologist was mooted – what do these kids eat for breakfast? It fairly got the little rabble rousers going when they penned a sick note from Dennis the Menace’s dad to Mrs Creecher the teacher. Poo came into Dennis’ purported illness.

Craig Graham drew and improvised while Mike explained the top tips for creating laugh out loud stories. Anarchy seems to be the answer, a bit of light relief from all the weighty issues that seem to beset kids these days. It gets them off the iPad and has them reading, just. Must be doing something right to last 85 years.

Our presenters were pelted with poo (no, just scrunched up paper) for a fitting finale to a grand interactive session. Even I enjoyed it.

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