La Bonnie Vita

Angels Dare: new alcohol-free cocktail (far right)

Canned cocktail brand Angels Dare has released their new non-alcoholic cocktail – La Bonnie Vita.

Apparently inspired by “glamorous summers spent on the Italian coastline”, La Bonnie Vita is filled with delicious summer fruit flavours, mixing notes of Scottish raspberry, blood orange and Sicilian Lemon.

I’m not a fan of sugary, overly-fizzy drinks, which just make me more thirsty, but I do like something less sweet and sparkling. A cold lime-and-soda usually hits the spot even though it’s not that exciting. I was looking forward to trying La Bonnie Vita, then, as the trio of fruits suggested something refreshing with a bit of tang…

And it delivered.

The balance of sweet and sour and the lightness of the sparkling water perfectly suited my palate. Cold, refreshing, summery, I could have drunk far more than a single can – without the cloying taste or bloating of alternatives. If I can compare, I’d say La Bonnie Vita is like San Pellegrino – on steroids.

Best served chilled, the drink can be enjoyed straight from the can, or in a glass over ice (with a sprig of mint and a fresh raspberry, if you’re feeling fancy).

La Bonnie Vita has an introductory price of £3.50 (for a 250ml can) and they are available at select retailers, and online. 

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