Sea Change Prosecco

Looking for wine with a conscience this festive (or any) season?

When I first bought my own home, well over twenty years ago now, I thought it was the height of sophistication always to have a bottle of something bubbly and a box of fancy chocolates in the fridge. Times and standards change…but this year, I’ve had both back in stock – just waiting for the something, anything to celebrate.

In the end, the enticing bottle of Sea Change Prosecco celebrated a sort of friends-reunited on a very ordinary Monday night, because – well, why not?

Sea Change Wine launched in 2018, has been supporting marine conservation and the fight against plastic pollution through its partnerships with charities such as Ocean Generation, Sea Changers and the Olive Ridley Project. The donations support many different types of projects: from driving environmental awareness with governments and industry to setting up sanctuaries and small local beach cleans.

Sea Change Prosecco originates from the romantic Veneto region of north-eastern Italy. It’s a light sparkling wine, with a deliciously fruity tone, and is suitable for vegans. It was slightly on the sweet side, which was perfectly balanced by serving it ice-cold and keeping it chilled for refills.

Our first thoughts – probably wishful thinking – were that it would have been perfect to enjoy on a long summer afternoon, possibly somewhere not far from its home, but sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got. And we had a dark and frosty Edinburgh night, with an outside temperature of -7 degrees. Served with a few festive canapes and shared with good company, the Sea Change Prosecco was a joy.

So, with Sea Change wines –  all selected for their ethical production and specific flavour profiles –  raise a glass whilst knowing you’re helping the planet maintain its beautiful oceans. From sparkling pinks to hearty reds, or an alcohol-free treat, every time a bottle of Sea Change is purchased a marine conservation charity receives a donation.

For 2022 there are three special Christmas packs. Further details here:

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