Oh Yes, We Did…

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at the Festival Theatre, Edinburgh


I’ve long been aware that going to the panto is a popular festive outing, however as an Australian it is not a tradition I grew up with…

Which is a long way of saying that Snow White was my first ever panto. I went along in the spirit of doing Christmas things that the kids would enjoy – and I came away having had a thoroughly good time myself. 

Grant Stott was a great villain; Jordan Young showed himself to be a skilled physical thespian; and Alan Stewart had impressive energy and a clear joy in performing. You could see how everyone enjoyed being onstage – and their fun was infectious – even to someone like me who was new to the genre.  

The adult jokes were adult enough to go over the kids heads and still be funny, and alongside the mandatory innuendo there were jaw-dropping great special effects, great music and fairy-tale sparkle – beautifully embodied by Francesca Ross as Snow White and Liz Ewing as Queen Dragonella. 

I am converted! I will sign off with the kids reviews: 

Finn, aged 7, ‘Funny, you should go every day.’

Rafa, aged 9, ‘Too many farts.’

Snow White runs until 22nd January 2023

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