Santa Burger

Festive fayre at Byron Burger

We’re partial to a burger in our house too, but it’s usually either a plain and simple homemade version (if I’m feeling yummy mummy) or a quick and easy Golden Arches delivery when the twelve year old is having a sleepover and it’s impossible to find something everyone will eat.

So Byron Burger on Lothian Road (also at North Bridge/Royal Mile) was a Monday night treat. It would have been rude not to try the festive feast Santa meal (£19.50) so that’s what I plumped for.

The Brie Merry Burger was topped with bacon, braised red cabbage with spinach, mulled plum chutney and mustard mayo. Served with Roasty Tots – potatoes topped with parmesan, rosemary and accompanied by a pot of gravy, it was finished off with a very decadent Gingerbread Shake (you can add an optional shot of Baileys).

It was delicious. A generous portion of everything, all tasty and well-made (the burger didn’t constantly fall apart on the way to my mouth) and the crispy potatoes were a nice change to standard fries. The shake was dessert in a glass: creamy, luxurious and a subtle ginger kick.

The twelve year old homed in on the shake too – giving it the thumbs-up – but he wasn’t to be swayed from his go-to plain cheese and bacon burger (he’s affronted by anything resembling salad on a burger). It was eaten so enthusiastically, he could only manage half of his melted cheese-topped fries (you can never have enough cheese, apparently) but did pronounce them a success.

We were served by Marta, who was friendly and efficient – as was all the staff – and the restaurant itself was warm and welcoming. It was quiet, as you might expect, on a weekday at 5pm, but there was also a steady trade in takeaway and delivery.

Byron Burger is not a cheap option but it’s a quality one: this was not fast food, it was good casual dining that we both enjoyed – and that’s a feat in itself.

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