The Tartan Titan

Conifox Adventure Park makes history

How do you thrill and exhaust two active 11 year old boys during the school holidays? You give them ninety minutes to battle the mighty Tartan Titan!

This inflatable assault course, installed by Conifox Adventure Park, which sits at a mammoth 568 metres, is in the Guinness Book of Records, having officially broken the existing record by almost 73 metres – making it longer than five premiership football pitches. The previous World Record stood for 4 ½ years before this monster course was installed.

The Tartan Titan is billed as an immersive interactive adventure that ‘transports participants into their favourite game shows, from Ninja Warrior to Total Wipeout and Gladiators’. It features fifty sections of obstacles including the Corkscrew, Wipe Out, Ninja Run, Ladder Challenge, Tidal Wave and Everest Slide. There are dedicated time slots for adults and younger children, as well as special Challenge Days when visitors can attempt to set a record time on the course with a prize for the winner of the #TITANCHALLENGE.

But the proof’s surely in the running, jumping, bouncing and sliding – so what did the two excited boys think? Well, once they got their breath back, cooled down and said how exhausted they were, words like brilliant and fantastic were bandied around. That, and the fact they went round twice in the allocated time (the first took 40 mins and the second 20) and probably would have gone again given half a chance, speaks for itself.

Under-18s do have to be accompanied by an adult, so that role fell to me, and I took it on not without trepidation! At fifty-something, only moderately fit, and much happier on solid ground, I did find it a physical challenge but not as much as I feared. Of course, that may have been because it’s perfectly possible and acceptable to jump off and miss out the highest, steepest, slidey-est bits – but if (unlike me) you don’t, there are also staff on hand to help at the most tricky points. It really is a good family outing.

Open to everyone taller than 1.2 metres, The Tartan Titan  is only available from 6th-16th August 2022, and booking is essential.

Conifox Adventure Park & Activity Centre is at Kirkliston, 5 minutes from Edinburgh Airport.

Visit for more information and booking.

Header photo from Conifox/four Media Group, all other images courtesy of Nichole Marsh.

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