Hope and Sanctuary – Neet Neilson

What happens when a woman running an animal sanctuary meets a modern day farmer?

Hope rescues intensive farming animals from slaughter among many others in her growing animal sanctuary, but finds herself struggling to make ends meet. Compounded by frequent flooding, a constant drain on her resources, as well as the risk it poses to her animals, Hope puts out a desperate plea on national television for help.

Grant Marshall comes to her rescue, but there’s a catch. He’s a farmer – and Hope loathes farmers.

Grant offers Hope everything she could ever desire for her sanctuary, leaving her with a dilemma – does she go against her morals and beliefs to accept his charity or will she accept his challenge that he can convince her that he is a compassionate man – in more ways than one?

This is Neet Neilson’s first romance novel and although it’s advertised as ‘sweet’ there is a tremendous amount of passion at its core: between Hope and Grant, and also in the ways they are each pursuing the lives to which they’re wholly committed.

For a long while it seems as if the happy-ever-after (or even a happy-for-now) will be a step too far for the couple because their lives are at such odds. The story keeps us guessing; the characters are well-developed and their chemistry all but jumps off the page.

This is a well-researched story, the themes central to it clearly mean a lot to the author, but never do they take away from what is first and foremost a great example of the modern genre of romantic fiction.

It’s a clever mix: an escapist romance in which you’re willing the protagonists to get together…whilst being equally thought-provoking.

Published by Dark Edge Press.

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