Celestial Body

New season of A Play, A Pie and A Pint at The Traverse

Today, September 21st , is the first time the Traverse has opened its doors since lockdown. It’s my first visit to this theatre in 2 years. The start of the new season of A Play, A Pie and A Pint marks a fresh start for the theatre and Celestial Body by Morna Pearson has the honour of setting the Traverse in motion again. This fresh start is being taken very seriously.

First of all – the organisation. No paper tickets, no programmes, and a staff welcome at the front foyer to ensure we enter wearing masks and suitably spaced out ( in the literal sense of course!) Next a cut back seating area in the bar where we get our pies and pints in very orderly fashion. Then finally the theatre itself, where generous spacing of four empty seats between each bubble makes for a safe, relaxed feel to being back. Odd, though, in looking round to see gaps in what is usually a packed venue.

The play itself is a well rounded piece that moves along nicely to a largely unexpected ending. There are two separate elements – a dispirited housewife Laura (Neshla Caplan) who obsessively listens to different horoscopes tuned in to the celestial body, and two men Hamish (Samuel Pashby) and Bruce (Ross Mann) who meet in a gym while in pursuit of their own celestial bodies. How these two elements are connected is revealed in fine crackling dialogue that fairly fizzes along.

The plot has enough bends and twists to sustain interest in a play where the story is all. There are no polemics, no issues raised or debated, no tubs to be thumped.

The play is presented in association with Aberdeen Performing Arts and is on at the Traverse until Saturday 25th September.



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