Shamanic Live

A unique fusion of music and painting

A collaboration with former Rezillos singer Fay Fife, Goodbye Mr Mackenzie’s Martin Metcalfe, and Russian artist Maria Rud, Shamanic Live fuses music and painting in a unique way. Using a wall in the Pleasance Courtyard, Maria’s live art is projected from a glass surface and provides a striking backdrop to Fay’s haunting vocals. Each song has a different theme, such as the earth, human behaviour, and weather. This is reflected in the live art: Maria sketches giant demons, flowing horses and dark ravens, shot through with a dark mysticism.

The soundtrack varies from straight-up rock and roll, to Pink Floyd-esque prog in The Sound Of Sleat and a Siouxsie and the Banshees goth tinge in Bad Breed. Fay Fife deals with the genre shifts masterfully, moving from sweet vocals to guttural yells and chants. There’s even time for some poetry, as guest star Rula Lenska reads Poe’s The Raven with tremendous gusto.

Shamanic Live is certainly one of the more unusual shows I’ve seen at the Fringe, and there’s still time to catch it on demand until the 30th August.


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