Destroying Demons

Songs For Cello And Carnatic Violin

Justyna Jablonska and Jyotsna Srikanth were scheduled to perform together at the Fringe, but COVID scuppered their plans. Instead, they assembled a cross-continental musical dialogue, with Justyna in Edinburgh and Jyotsna in India. Together, they weave traditional Carnatic music with modern improvisation, loopers and other digital effects.

Inspired by the Hindu festival Navaratri, celebrating the demon-slaying goddess Durga as a representation of the divine feminine, the duo perform a selection of ragas both old and new. Current events work their way into the score in a clever way; the ‘everyday music’ of street noise and chattering birds is deliberately included to reflect the past year of lockdowns.

Western cello doesn’t typically feature in ragas but it complements Jyotsna’s masterful violin work perfectly. At times it’s hard to believe that you’re listening to improvised music; the rhythmic, at times aggressive cello provides an excellent counterpoint to the more plaintive Carnatic violin.

It’s a hypnotic, alluring blend of old and new, best enjoyed with headphones.

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