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The Lyceum’s Christmas Tales

The Christmas production at the Lyceum – lavish, festive, magical – is eagerly anticipated in our house; a highlight since the ten year old was able to sit still(ish) in the audience.

This year, of course, it was always going to be different, and the Lyceum has responded magnificently to the Covid 19-challenge.

In the Advent season, the theatre has been unveiling a new online (and free) tale every couple of days. A final four (ticketed, payable) are being livestreamed from 16–20 December. Varied, compelling, entertaining – all of them reflective – these unique monologues means you will find entertainment gold from the comfort of your own sofa.

Directed by Zinnie Harris and Wils Wilson, some randomly-picked highlights (only space stops me mentioning them all) include:

Morna Young’s A Fairy Tale, performed by Cal MacAninch, is literally a tale about a fairy, a porcelain fairy neglected for several seasons before a little girl rescues her, torn wing and all…

Nyanya and the Mighty Whizz! is written and performed by storyteller, Mara Menzies, incorporating East African tradition and magic, via music, song and shadow puppetry…

The obligatory ghost stories come from Andy Cannon, performing The Stage’s Door (making great use of the wings and auditorium as well as the stage!) and Ryan Hunter’s cheery performance in The Christmas Ghost by Louise Ironside – also  a timely reminder that 2020 is not the first Christmas pandemic in Edinburgh…

In Denise Mina’s clever Santa is a Superhero, Neshla Caplan’s character is overtly being interviewed and filmed, the script providing a touching and funny link between Santa and Scotland…

The first eight tales are available to watch free online at:

The last four tales are streamed live from the Lyceum from Wednesday 16 to Saturday 20 December at 1.30 and 6.30 pm. Tickets at:

All recordings will be available on demand until Tuesday 5 January 2021.

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