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New writing from local authors

It’s Christmas week, and Christmas with a whole host of differences this year. At Lothian Life we’re usually out and about reviewing festive fare – Edinburgh Christmas, theatre, restaurants – but instead, we’ve compiled our own virtual mini festival!

Over the next five days, we’re celebrating several local writers who have continued to work together online, producing poems, short stories, and reflections on the year. Thoughtful, funny, sad, surreal…and there may even be a bit of Christmas cheer thrown in.

So take five minutes and feed your imagination…

My Generation
My Generation
who are we?
I don’t craft cakes like Grandma
or crochet, knit and purl
my feet won’t rest in slippers
as lazy flames unfurl
instead my toes tread waters cool
head north for hilltops hi
roll like a stone gathering pace   
with slick, quickening grace
I skitter like autumn leaves
cascading from a tree
weaving woodland tapestry.
There’s no time to waste 
For – how soon is now?
Liz Power

Mother’s Words

My mother used to tell me
never stay out late.
To be a gentlewoman
and always watch my weight.
Trying hard to please her was a difficult task,
cos l went and married a Muslim
bringing great disgrace.
(“Eating rice and chapatis is not good for your waist!”)
Then for real good measure
l married an African too. 
Poor mother’s advice was all in vain.
But she soon grew to love
her three brown grandweans! 
Frances McCann

With thanks to Liz and Frances – and tune in for more new writing tomorrow!

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