Fiction Five

Day 5 – Moments of Reflection

For Caroline

Cast on in 1953,
First rows interwoven with
Exotic Yarns from warmer climes.
A cable of wisdom running through
Patchwork squares of life –
Study, work, first home, cats.
A blanket of warm friendship.
67 rows, then
Suddenly cast off.

Amanda Roy

A Cardiff Winter 1982
Remember we waded up Cathay’s Road
knee deep in snow, drunken drifts of desire
shopping bags swaying
streets deserted, blanketed white
in silent bleached beauty
The clocks stop.
Tiptoe up the stairs
so the landlady doesn’t hear
we snatch time together
cocooned in your room
drowsy from blizzards and lust
I am not meant to be here –
stealing hours from someone else
my heart aching from what I can’t have
as you are only ever borrowed.
Liz Power

Poems in memory – especially of those we’ve lost this year. For Caroline, Christine, Andi and Penny.

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