Edinburgh Food Delivery

Grocery Shopping in a Pandemic

As someone who has always shopped ad hoc, browsing in the nearest shops to hand and keeping a mental log of best prices and favourite stockists, I was thwarted during lockdown.

How could I plan ahead and minimise my supermarket visits? How did I get round that period when everything was in short supply? (Namely, bread flour: oh did I take a sudden and irrational dislike to everyone who pounced on bread-making as a new hobby!) Should I take the ten year old with me, or leave him at the end of the phone while I nipped across the street for a manic trolley-dash?

None of the above, as it happens because I found online grocery shopping. It sort of solved my (admittedly minor) challenges, but it brought new ones: Russian Roulette (clicking between the big four for booking slots) and Game of Substitutions (ordering Quorn mince, getting After Eight Mints)

Enter Edinburgh Food Delivery (EFD), which popped up during one of those spooky times when Facebook read my mind. In their words:

We are Edinburgh’s online supermarket. We work with an amazing group of suppliers to bring top quality produce to your door 5 days a week across Edinburgh. We provide ‘supermarket style’ food delivery service, where you can order your fruit, veg, store cupboard staples along with other fresh produce and we deliver it to you, we source mostly from local brands. We are a team passionate about food, and are working to provide the best quality produce across our amazing city, at an affordable price

I messed up my first ‘test’ order. I thought I’d ordered it for the following day but had chosen the following week. When I emailed to check, Douglas brought it out anyway – on a Sunday, a non-delivery day. When I was substituted white chocolate buttons for milk chocolate buttons (a long story; not as entitled as it sounds, honest!) they promptly exchanged them. When I wanted a foodie Thanksgiving gift (having been let down by a specialist company) EFD fitted me in at the eleventh hour…

Oh, and they always have a selection of flour, and even yeast (fresh and dried).

I should add that I’m not always (I hope!) an awkward customer – I’ve had mostly drama-free deliveries. And I’m only buying for one-and-a-half, so I’m not going to make them rich.

You can see why EFD’s customer service rocks!

Their product list has grown over the months. It’s a varied selection of staples and treats. Yes, on average it’s more costly than Lidl, but probably on par with Sainsbury, but I shop to a tight budget and I choose carefully, and the convenience balances the premium. One indulgent day, I’ll even try their made-to-order dishes (Beef Wellington, anyone?)

If you’re quick, there’s probably just enough time to order from their Christmas range…

Edinburgh Food Delivery – Delivering Fresh Product Next Day!

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