Drive-Thru Santa?

Conifox Adventure Park’s Christmas Experience

This December, meeting Santa and his elves comes with a ‘2020’ Covid-friendly, physically-distanced twist. Due to ‘elf’-and-safety regulations, visitors are meeting Santa and his gang from the safety of their cars: a novel drive-thru experience.

Your stop-start drive through the park allows calls at various points to enjoy scenes and actors in the Toy Workshop, the Reindeer Flying School, Mrs Claus’ Kitchen, the Enchanted Forest and – the finale – a glimpse at Santa’s Livingroom, where the big man himself announces who’s on the Nice List.

Listed as taking twenty minutes, our journey took just over an hour – once you’re in the ‘Santa (traffic) jam’ as our boys called it, there’s nothing to do but wait for every car to have their turn at the different stands. However, the sparkly coloured lights, bubbles and fake snow in the Enchanted Forest are enough to keep older passengers amused (if you have toddlers strapped into car seats you might want to bring some additional entertainment, just in case!)

I’m not sure that the perky elves were quite prepared (yet; give them a few performances!) for the would-be ‘cool’ and sassy ten year olds with their heads poking out of the sunroof, but Santa certainly was, with his ‘What is this, Jurassic Park?’, which probably made the evening.

Fun, festive, family-friendly, and a quick-thinking response to the times, this will get Christmas off to a good start.

Note that Santa can’t give out gifts, so if your car-load expects them, maybe come prepared!

The event will run until 23rd December.

Tickets can be purchased via:

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