And Then She Shines – Helen Libby

Five women. Five very different lives. Five life-changing decisions to make. Meet Ruby, Ella, Anna, Laura, and Cassie – all ultimately asking, ‘Who am I’?

And The She Shines is an updated collection of four previously published novelettes from Helen Libby, alongside her brand new story, Cassie’s Choice.

These are individual, self-contained stories, linked by their strong and independent protagonists – the women of the title roles. From getting out of debt, to dealing with adoption; managing a ticking biological clock to loss of memory, each of the characters are facing the kinds of challenges that millions of women (men, too) encounter every day. And they’re weaving their way through the minefield of relationships – romantic and otherwise.

Ultimately uplifting, the stories are entertaining and thought-provoking in equal measure.

Who will you relate to most?

A ‘novelette’ sits somewhere between an expanded short story and a short novella. It’s a tricky length to pull off: requiring enough depth to keep the reader engaged, but not cramming in too much. Helen Libby carries it off very well; each story is a satisfying read in itself, and put together, offers the perfect read to relax before bed, to while away an afternoon or sail through a tedious commute.

And Then She Shines is packed with engaging characters, recognisable settings, and a neat balance of plot and emotion. The feel-good factor is ever-present, even when the outcomes aren’t what you – or the protagonists – are expecting.

Available in hard copy and eBook format:

Helen Libby is an author, and contributor to Lothian Life. As well as fiction, she has written two books about life with her dog, Archie.


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