Words With Selina

This month, our Words With…is courtesy of Selina Cairns, Director of Erringon Cheese, a small, family-run farm and cheese company started by Humphrey Errington in the early 1980s…

What’s your connection to the Lothians?

Our farm is at the end of the Pentland Hills furthest away from Edinburgh, our cheese is widely available in Edinburgh, we deliver weekly to Edinburgh and attend Edinburgh Farmers Market every 1st and 3rd Weekend of the month on Castle Terrace.

Have you childhood memory of Edinburgh?

I’ve always been a country girl and preferred the farm, although I did live in Edinburgh during my university degree.

Have you a favourite place to visit locally?

When we go out in Edinburgh it tends to be to see the rugby which my husband enjoys so we go to Murrayfield, where there is always and amazing atmosphere all over Edinburgh before and after the game.

Are you a ‘gloomy-fog-over-the-castle’ or a ‘summer-on-Princes Street-gardens’ type?

Summer in the gardens!

How would you introduce us to your career/life/passion?

I’ve always loved the farm and being around the animals, I couldn’t do anything else – we farm dairy sheep and goats and make all the milk into cheese on the farm it can be very rewarding but its also incredibly hard work.

Is there a typical day?  What does it involve?

Children, milking, making cheese, delivering cheese, children…

What’s your greatest achievement so far – personally or professionally?

My children.

And when you’re not working? 

Running around after the children! I also enjoy riding my horse if there is any time left.

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