World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Eat cake, and cure cancer? Certainly. Everybody knows someone, somehow, affected by the disease, yet it’s often difficult to know how to make a difference. That’s why Coffee Mornings/Afternoons/Evenings are such an inspired idea.

Since 1990, September has been the month when ordinary people participate in Coffee Mornings (or Afternoon Tea Parties or  Power Breakfasts or Picnics or Supper Clubs…) to support Macmillan Cancer Support.

This year, the official date is 27th September, to raise ‘vital dough-nations’ to help the charity be right there for more people living with cancer. In 2018, £26,914,382 was raised and the aim is to top that this year.

But it’s as much about making time for conversation; to meet up with family and friends, or people we just don’t see often enough. It’s about supporting people we know with cancer, and remembering people we’ve lost. It’s about facing this ruthless condition and refusing to be silenced by the fear of it.

If you ask around, you’ll probably find a friend or colleague is hosting an event over the next few days, and if not, there are plenty of public options, which are listed on the official Macmillan website.

Some time ago, Lothian Life’s ‘Words With…’ profiled Graham Blaikie at the Mercat Grill in East Lothian. Graham’s team is well-known for its supporting charitable causes, and on Sunday 29th  is hosting a Fantastic Family Fun Day for anyone seeking an all-inclusive event.

Why Macmillan? Graham says:

“A close family relation had leukaemia years ago and as a team here at the Mercat Grill, we know so many people that have been affected by cancer but also aware of the brilliant work that Macmillan carry out, day after day – helping support individuals and their relations with extreme dedication and expertise’.

Eat a cake. Drink a cup of coffee.  Join a fun activity. Offer a hand, or a listening ear to someone who is affected. Or even donate some old-fashioned cash to a good cause. Macmillan will appreciate all of them.

For more information see

For the Mercat Bar & Grill Event see

Lothian Life is an online magazine, so we don’t much capacity to host a coffee morning. However, on Friday morning, we’ll be raising a cup of coffee and a slice of cake iand donating to Macmillan, on behalf of our friends living with cancer, and in special memory of Sian Hannah Dawson.




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