Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster

I don’t quite know why I picked this show. I think I must have thought it was something else. Anyway, within 5 minutes of listening to BAC Beatbox Academy I was hooked.

Beatbox! I’m not quite sure I even know what that is. But these dudes sound good…no these dudes sound great.

They started with a little curtain raiser with some young people from Leith Academy who worked with Conrad Murray, Native The Cr8ive, and Jodie O’Neill this summer improving their vocal techniques, making their own music, and learning how to sing. And they were amazing, very good. A real example of the Festival reaching out to the community and fostering local talent.

Then Frankenstein proper started…the stirrings of life, the making of man, bit by bit from brain to feet.

This show raced along with fabulous sounds, great choreography, and really smart lyrics. BAC Beatbox Academy is Battersea Arts Centre’s young performance collective, which for 10 years has been nurturing rising talent and pushing the boundaries of sound and music. Their versatility and power are immense – like Gaelic mouth music on speed. I kept looking for the band.

So yes, I enjoyed it. I’ve extended my horizons. I’ve experienced a new genre. Isn’t that what Festivals are all about? This is going to be a Traverse hit.

Boom! Tee! Cla!


Traverse Theatre


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