Archie Goes to Linlithgow Palace

Author, Helen Edwards helps a special guest – Archie Zuchon – talk about his adventures out and about in Linlithgow…Read on to win a copy of their latest book.

Hello everyone. Archie here. Guess what? Mum and Dad took me to a place called Lin-lith-gow Palace. Have I spelt that right, Mum? Yes? Good-oh.

It’s the birthplace of someone called Mary Queen of Scots apparently, and the palace isn’t all that far from Edinburgh. It’s a special place for Mum and Dad because it’s where they got married. I’m not sure when that was – before I was even a twinkle in their eyes I reckon. And judging by the colour of Dad’s hair now (I’ve seen the wedding photos), it was years ago. Maybe even a hundred years ago! He he. Love ya, Dad. Mum, of course, hasn’t changed a bit (can I have my biscuit now, Mum?).

Anyway, we were in the area, and Mum and Dad wanted to see the palace again, and to take their little bundle of fluff and joy with them this time. That’s me by the way.

We walked all the way round the outside of the palace. It might be in ruins, but boy! is it big. My little legs were tired afterwards.

We went down to the loch too. I tried my best not to look, because I don’t like going in the water, despite Mum’s best efforts. Not all dogs do you know. And it wasn’t just the water. There were some big white birds – swans I think – who were eyeing me up. I don’t think they were very friendly, and I wasn’t going to stick around to find out.

Before we could go back to the car Mum wanted to take some photos of me (yawn – she’s always taking photos). I decided to let her take a few. There were lots of other dogs around – there’s parkland you can walk round (it’s called the peel).

I have to say I did like it there, and I’d go again. Maybe I will if Mum and Dad take me with them on their next trip to Scotland. Pretty please, Mum and Dad. I’ll be a good boy – honest!

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