June In Bloom

June is my favourite time of the gardening calendar – from a profusion of fresh green (but not exclusively) delivered in the upper canopy of the trees creating movement, shade and blossom to the explosion of colour throughout the borders, rockeries and the bedding season including hanging baskets.June also heralds the season of open gardens, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and our very own Gardening Scotland Show. These give us inspiration, ideas and the chance to speak to fellow gardeners.

Corren June3My favourite plants just now are the aquilegia (Granny’s bonnet), Meconopsis (blue poppy), iris and primulas. The sweet chestnut and the hawthorn are looking fabulous just now although far too large for my garden where clematis and lilac are lovely.


There are, however, jobs still to be carried out this month. Firstly, plant the tender annuals and vegetables, plant up the hanging baskets and water thoroughly, now the frost has been displaced by the bright sun. Secondly, continue staking your plants as they grow to prevent damage from the winds. Thirdly, weeds will be thriving in this good weather, so get the hoe out and compost them before they seed. Keep an eye on watering and slug or snail damage, lawns will need regular cutting and edging making a huge difference to the overall impact of any lawn. Bulbs such as daffodils will require dead-heading as the plants waste too much energy making seed but do not cut the foliage (leaves) as they need them to continue to photosynthesise to make their food which is stored in the bulb for next year.

Coreen June2While the sun is hot and the sky blue, allow yourselves the time to wander through your garden and take note of what may be divided, moved or replaced but more importantly, make time to sit and enjoy the fruits of your labours – with a glass of wine and the prospect of a barbeque – and all before the dreaded midges spoils the ambience.





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