Melody and Sam: Record Breakers

Sam and Melody want to break a world record. They train every day. They want to be the best, the fastest, the strongest, the largest, the longest – anything so long as they get their names in the big record book.

Their official record attempt is just around the corner, when a message brings news that will possibly break up the team forever and take them on a journey across the seas, through the waves and into the deep.

Melody and Sam: Record Breakers made for a great Easter holidays outing at the Science Festival. The five year old and I had a day out together, the highlight being going along to the Pleasance to see a live show.

I like the Pleasance for kids’ entertainment because there is plenty of space to run around before and after. At the moment the courtyard has a history of science in Scotland display with themed police boxes you can pop in and out of containing different information and video screens – handy for the early arrivers to get some extra science before the main show begins.

The theatre we were in was child-friendly, as well, with a range of seating options, and where necessary the kids could move about. Rafa was standing up and laughing at jokes within forty seconds which I took as a good sign; later on when there was a more scary moment he could easily climb onto my knees.

Some of the themes of the show were friendship, climate change and facing your fears. It was entertaining and has given us things to discuss well after the show was finished. I especially liked how all the props were created from recognisable household objects.

A funny and tender story of friendship and record-breaking success.

Devised by Caitlin Skinner, Alice Mary Cooper, Ben Winger and Edinburgh Science Festival

Director and Dramaturg: Caitlin Skinner

Designed by Mamoru Iriguchi


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