Wendy and Peter Pan

Follow Wendy, flying with Peter, to Neverland – a world of dastardly pirates, feisty fairies and excited lost boys.

Wendy and Peter fly together above the rooftops and follow ‘the second star on the right and straight on till morning’ to Neverland. There they find all is not well in the kingdom of the Lost Boys, as the villainous Captain Hook wreaks havoc, can Wendy and Peter band together to win the day?

Ella Hickson’s adaptation of the book by J.M. Barrie, directed by Eleanor Rhode, retains the ethos of the original story of Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, and neatly balances comedy and tragedy.

As the reversal of the title hints, this version focuses more on a rebellious Wendy (Isobel McArthur), first clashing, then teaming up with, Bonnie Baddoo‘s lone-ranger Tiger Lily and tough Glaswegian Tink (Sally Reid) – all played with suitable spirit.

Ziggy Heath is a convincing Peter Pan – a character I’ve always found slightly unsettling in this refusal to grow-up, and Heath did nothing to dissuade me from that view – and Gyuri Sarossy plays Captain Hook splendidly, a bit like an ageing bad boy rocker, but with a big sword.

The combination of Max Johns’ set and Mark Doubleday’s lighting scheme make a seamless transition between the colourful adventure playground of the Lost Boys and the dystopian Jolly Roger.

Grief, drama, female friendship, ageing. It’s not all light and frothy and this is not a ‘Christmas’ show in the way we might expect. However, there is magic, adventure, acceptance and happiness, too. And, according to the 8 year old, it was definiely more happy than sad. He loved the whole performance – and like any exacting 8 year old, he’s a tough nut to crack!

Still, with real fairy dust floating like confetti from the Lyceum chandelier, a ticking, snapping crocodile, fantastic flying sequences, and a series of swashbuckling sword fights – what’s not to like?

Recommended for ages 5+

Lyceum Theatre until 5th January 2019. www.lyceum.org.uk

Photo credit: Mihaela Bodlovic.


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