A Golden Oldie

Sweet Potato and Pear Galette

Savoury or sweet, this  is a Christmas recipe from the past updated for today.

Sweet potatoes are an ideal seasonal vegetable to use in winter, with their odd-looking shapes and rustic-red colouring they make a wonderful robust addition to any recipe.

Packed full of vitamins (much more than a normal potato), an excellent source of iron – ideal for reducing  the effects of infection (particularly in the cold winter months) – plus improving energy levels.

Pears are an ideal addition as a natural sweetener.   Garnishing the dish with chives adds another healthy ingredient to your recipe.

Serves 4

2 large sweet potatoes (or 4 small)

2 large medium-ripe pears

50g butter

Juice of ½ small orange

2 flat tablespoons runny honey

Bunch of chives, chopped

Freshly-ground black pepper

Pinch of rock salt


Peel sweet potatoes. Keep whole. Add to medium sized pan with hot water and salt. Cook until medium soft (checking not to overcook).

At the same time

Wash and peel pears and remove core. Slice very thinly.

Preheat oven to medium heat. Select a 50cm flan tin or ceramic dish. Line the base with greaseproof paper.

Drain sweet potatoes. Cool for a few minutes then slice sweet potato (chunky size)

Alternate a layer of sweet potato with a layer of thinly sliced pears (last layer sweet potato)

Melt butter in small pan, add honey and seasoning. Pour over the potato and pear layers.

Cover with a layer of foil and bake in medium oven for approximately 45 minutes. If you prefer a more crispy version place under a hot grill for a few minutes until the top layer of potato is slightly crisp.

Garnish with chopped chives. Use as a vegetarian stand-alone dish or slice into individual servings and serve as a side dish with roast meat or game.

This dish can also be used as a lovely dessert served with crème frais or natural yoghurt.


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