Time For Tea

Edinburgh Tea, to be precise.

A small pleasure – a lovely cup of tea which enhances our senses and rejuvenates our thoughts.

We enjoy putting on the kettle and sitting down to relax with our cup of tea in hand.  Drinking tea helps us through many a crisis, celebration or even just a chat with friends.  The first verse from the poem Tea by Carol Ann Duffy says it all: ‘I like pouring your tea, lifting the heavy pot and tipping it up, so the fragrant liquid steams in your china cup.’

Purchasing a pack of Edinburgh Tea evoked childhood memories of serving tea in miniature tea services and school essays on the best ways to make a pot of tea, whilst learning to use descriptive adjectives.   Warming the pot before adding the correct number of spoonfuls of loose tea, leaving the tea to infuse – and making sure it did not stew!

Blends of black tea are the most popular style of drinking tea.  Edinburgh Tea is a signature blend by the East India Tea Company’s Tea Master, combining two delicate Single Estates teas from Sri Lanka with selected tea from India, to produce a rich full-bodied tea with a bright amber colour, with or without milk and/or sugar.

This loose tea is ideally packaged in a self seal package with easy brewing and storing instructions.

Choices of specialty teas are expanding exponentially: flower blossom infusions, warming spices, fruit infusions and herbal infusions, which, in the strict definition, are not teas, but used in the same way.

Edinburgh Tea and many other varieties are available from the The East India Tea Company, 80 George Street, Edinburgh.

Definitely worth a visit!


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