Susan Calman: Sunny Side Up

Best known as one of last year’s Strictly stars, Susan has had a varied career spanning stand-up, game shows, and radio.

At her event at Edinburgh Intrnational Book Festival, she focuses on her new book about finding joy in small things to help cope with depression.

Calman is a warm, easygoing interviewee, though there’s a vulnerability underneath – she admits she’s shy and has struggled with body image long before the Strictly sequins came calling. She explains the small things in life are important to her happiness, like a good cuppa, a Marple mystery on TV, and a cat curled up on her lap.

An ex-lawyer, Calman believes there’s a mens rea and actus reus for joy; you can actively choose to improve someone’s day, even if in her case that means getting over anxiety to help someone on a train. She apologises for crying when she discusses Strictly partner Kevin Clifton, her wife, and the love from her fans, but it just makes the audience fall for her more.

Sunny Side Up, Calman’s book, is available in the Book Festival bookshop ahead of it publication, and it’s definitely going to the top of my reading list.


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